Beta Switch Tips – Using Nutrition for Burning Fat

Health and fitness aren’t exactly the easiest things to figure out. It’s because many people have no real concept of how to lose weight. The common story is that all you have to do to lose weight is exercise and eat less, but modern science is proving that’s not the case. Certainly, exercise can help you get more physically fit. And eating less can help you lose weight.

But in many cases, weight loss is less about calories and more about substance. It’s true that a large number of calories can make you gain weight, but sometimes a smaller amount of the wrong kind of calories can make you gain just as much. So what’s the answer? Try to moderate each and every single calorie you take in every day?

That’s certainly one solution. However, before you try that, you might do well simply replacing some foods with others. Here are a few examples.


Sugars can do a lot to trigger weight gain because human beings evolved in a low-sugar environment. Ripe fruit and other natural sugars were a treat during the hunter-gatherer stage of humanity. Agriculture made natural sugars more plentiful, but it hasn’t been until recently that sugar has been put into so much food.

Try to avoid sugars as much as possible. It’s easy to say “eat fruit instead of a candy bar,” but that’s not the solution. Instead, when you buy food, check the ingredient list. Many foods, such as bread, canned soup, and frozen foods, will contain sucrose, glucose, dextrose, and refined white sugar. Or they’ll contain high fructose corn syrup. Sugar happens in foods you’d never suspect. So try to buy food that has fewer sugars.

Grain Products

Grain products are a great thing to replace. Grain expands with liquid; this is a known fact. It’s the entire concept of rice, for example, and that’s not the only grain product we use in everyday foods. And even when you think the grain has stopped expanding, it expands still more within the digestive system. Also, grain products are easy for the body to store as fat, due to the way the digestive system processes things.

Obviously, rice is a staple of many low-income families, as is bread. However, if you can’t replace rice or bread, you still might have other foods you can replace. Beta Switch reviews various foods you can eat to burn fat. Instead of crackers, try finding other things to use the spread with. Rather than making pasta a go-to food, try using roasted or boiled potatoes. They don’t take much longer than pasta and can help you lose weight quite readily.

Ultimately, there’s no quick fix or magic bullet to weight loss. Burning fat takes time, and it takes effort. But as long as you’re willing to pay attention to what you’re eating and you don’t give up, you can do quite well for yourself. Just make sure to check the ingredients of what you’re buying, and see where you can reasonably cut back on the dangerous stuff.