5 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

One of the greatest pastimes for many people in the 21st century is indulgent eating. It is not clear how indulgent eating has gained such popularity, but the act of munching on chocolaty, cheese-covered, junk food treats is sensational.

As young children, stuffing our faces full of these delights is not a “big deal”; however, as our bodies become older the choice of food will begin to have physical consequences.

One of the more common problems that many people face nowadays is high cholesterol. A means of reducing this problem is to alter your diet and begin exercising. This article will provide information on the different high cholesterol foods to avoid.

1. Liver

Not all individuals enjoy eating liver, but it has been noted as one of the healthier food options. This dish is high in iron and can promote the immune system; however, it is also a detrimental dish if consumed in large quantities.

The liver you eat is high in cholesterol and can be damaging to your well being. This means that it should be consumed, but in proportion and with regular exercise to ensure a healthy body.

2. Margarine And Butter

Full-fat butter has always been recognized as a high cholesterol food, which is why margarine was created as a healthier substitute. However, studies have shown that margarine created from unsaturated vegetable is actually as detrimental to one’s health as butter. In fact, some of the margarine sticks containing hydrogenated oils or trans fats are unhealthier and should be avoided completely.

3. Shellfish

Fried Calamari at Max's Cafe

Lobsters, crabs, prawns, calamari, and even oysters can be very delicious to eat but they can also be unhealthy. Yes, research has shown that shellfish can be beneficial to a person as a good source of protein; however, they are not beneficial for heart conditions.

Lobster is particularly damaging for people who suffer from high cholesterol, and this does not include any of the melted butter or garlic served with the shellfish. It is important to eat fish, but eating in proportion is how to maintain a healthy diet. An example of a healthy diet to follow is the E Factor diet plan.

4. Fatty Meat

A well-known source of high cholesterol is the fatty meat or meat product, such as the burger patty. One of the most loved fast foods currently available is the hamburger smothered in cheese and sauce with bacon. A delicious option if you are running late or feel like something indulgent, but it is not beneficial if you have heart disease or high cholesterol.

The fat in this meat is what “clogs the arteries” and can cause unhealthy physical results. This does not mean you should completely remove meat from your diet; instead, try making lean cuts of meat as a burger and grilling the cut instead of frying.

5. Full Fat Cheese

Cheese is one of the most commonly consumed foods if you take a brief look at all the junk food options available. No burger or pizza would be complete without full fat cheese melted over the dish.

In fact, pasta meals are often more enticing with cheese grated over the top or included in the sauce – macaroni and cheese for example. However, cheese is one of the high cholesterol foods to avoid as it can cause heart disease and increase in cholesterol.

These are some high cholesterol foods you ought to avoid. If you want to lower your cholesterol, you can take a supplement or follow a diet and exercise plan. When you’re cholesterol level is healthy, eating these foods once in a while is an indulgence you can enjoy.

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