Kardea. Combining science and spirituality for holistic cholesterol management

Proper nutrition is important to improve your cholesterol levels and also maintain a healthy long-term heart health.

There is more to holistic cholesterol treatment than vitamins or super foods.

Success requires more than avoiding the intake of dangerous foods in the form of saturated and trans fats and cholesterol.

It requires nutrition from foods that affect the rate of cholesterol absorption and metabolism. Such nutrition includes plant sterols, viscous soluble fiber, monounsaturated fats, Omega-3s and niacin as nicotinic acid. These nutrients must be taken consistently to achieve meaningful results.

Medical organizations such as the American Heart Association, the National Institute of Health and the American College of Cardiology support the holistic and natural treatment of cholesterol issues.

The main issue we face today is we cannot get enough heart healthy foods.

Kardea Nutrition helps you resolve this issue.

We provide news and information about natural foods that have the proper nutrients to help you maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

We also take a look at the spiritual side of treatment to ensure that the holistic process returns the best results possible.

You can follow our guide to regulate your cholesterol health both from the food you eat and your state of mind.

We strive to provide the best and most up-to-date information to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve long age.

Join us in our vision to create a healthy and happy society.

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