Is a Low Cholesterol Low Carb Diet Healthy?

According to one reputable source that people often use for looking up medical issues, a diet low in carbohydrates is going to help keep your bad cholesterol levels lower, too. While I believe that, it’s difficult to understand at face value having been on this diet many times before. I will tell you why.

First of all, eggs are an important part of this diet for many people, but of course you don’t have to practice over-consumption. Secondly, however, you eat a lot of meat on this diet, too.

You don’t have to eat a ton of red meat though. You can eat all kinds of fish including cod and tuna, and you can eat ham, turkey, bacon, chicken and other things besides just red meat. Meat is a staple, but another staple of a low cholesterol low carb diet is vegetables. You’re going to get plenty of vegetables, and you’re going to be leaving out all those unhealthy carbs.

Low fat diets are good of course for lowering cholesterol, and they are good for the heart. However, it appears that low carb low cholesterol diets are actually better. It’s very interesting again to me that low carb diets are considered to be good for your heart because so many people talked bad about the Atkins diet when it was first getting really popular. As mentioned, it’s popular, but there have always been the haters.

Those haters often said that this diet was bad for your heart, and it can be if you don’t really get disciplined about your dietary choices. Any diet can go wrong though if you don’t look at it the right way. For example, with the Atkins diet, you’re not going to eat a porterhouse steak and a cup of broccoli for every meal. You wouldn’t get the diversity you need, and you wouldn’t get all the nutrients your body needs.

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There are studies that have been done on low cholesterol low carb diets and how they can be healthy. One study from Harvard School of Public Health that I was reading about actually kept track of people over a two year period, with a significant amount of the participants sticking with their diet. That is a very convincing study. I have my own results that I know about from trying the Atkins diet. I am very aware that it works, and I definitely felt healthy when my body was in ketosis.

I will urge you to be careful not to cut out too many carbs because I have noticed that it can make you sick. This doesn’t make a diet low in carbohydrates bad, but again, you have to manage it properly. Think about cutting out too many carbs as cutting out too many calories. You can’t overdo it, and you have to stick to the plan.

If you have questions about how to get started with a low carb diet, and you’re wanting medical proof and backing, read these 3 Week Diet reviews. Plus, you can talk with your doctor, and he can instruct you on how to take on this diet in a balanced manner.

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